Do You Stretch Regularly? Read My Reasons Why You Should

Empish is pulling a stretch band between both her hands. She has a grimice on her face as she attempts to pull and stretch out the band.

Didn’t Take Stretching Seriously

I have been exercising for many years but never put too much value in stretching. I mean, I knew it was important  and a good thing to do. Yet, I just didn’t bother until a few years ago. I would just do my routine workout of walking, biking  or aerobics  and call it a day. I did little to no stretching before  or after. I wrongly assumed my exercising was good enough  but now I know better.

Empish on Treadmill

Stretching Gives Better Flexibility and Removes Pain

I started noticing pain and stiffness  and was told stretching would help alleviate  that. Now  that I stretch on the regular, I can tell the difference when I stretch and when I don’t which motivates me to keep going.

Today, I know the need for and importance of stretching and have added it to every work out. When I stretch regularly , I increase my mobility and keep my muscles flexible and strong. Working from home has created a more sedentary life   and I am also growing older. So, stretching is even more necessary.

If I let too many days go by without some good stretching, I feel like a real old lady. Everyday movements like climbing the stairs in my home become more difficult, cumbersome and painful. This could lead to a compromise in my independence and quality of life resulting in a greater inability to move. And  I aint going out like that!

More Reasons to Stretch

Not fully convinced? Here are some more reasons why you should  stretch on a regular basis:

  1. Relieves stiffness and soreness in your joints.
  2. Increases and maintains your active range of motion.
  3. Improves circulation and blood flow.
  4. Mitigates muscle imbalances that can lead to poor posture. Strengthening and stretching specific muscle groups can assist in promoting proper alignment.
  5. Supports injury prevention
  6. Enhances athletic skills and improves your ability to do daily activities.
  7. Helps with stress reduction, calming the mind and decreasing tension headaches.
  8. And my personal favorite. It putts a little more pep in your step. You feel lighter and younger. No old lady over here!

National Stretching Day

Empish sitting on mat in a yoga prayer pose

Sunday, Dec. 11 is National Stretching Day. Use this observation to either get in a good stretch and/or make a future game plan to stretch regularly. Learn about the benefits  of stretching  and how it can improve your life.

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