Celebrating National Fitness Day by Exercising at Home

Empish on Recumbent Bike

Today is National Fitness Day and the goal is to inspire others through the power of fitness. Fitness is more than just staying in shape, losing weight or completing exercise goals it is about being good to yourself and celebrating what your body can do. It is about finding joy and confidence as you support others. So, as I was reading the website about National Fitness Day I was thinking about my years of exercise and now what that looks like under COVID-19. I have not been impacted too much with sheltering in place and practicing social distancing when it comes to getting in a good workout because I had stop going to gyms long ago when I lost my vision. I created a home gym back in 2003.

All my equipment is placed right in front of my entertainment center so I can either watch TV or listen to my music CDs while I work out. I have even placed one of my audio book players nearby to listen while I exercise. On a typical week I work out about 3-4times alternating between my treadmill, exercise bike, floor mat and hand weights. I am still making efforts to lose weight but I feel so much better that I created my own home gym to exercise. Whether it rains, snows or is sunny outside it does not matter. Whether a friend comes to workout with me it does not matter. I have everything I need set up in my home so I can do it independently and when I want.


Now that the coronavirus has hit us, I am even more aware of the importance of exercise. I need to stay active to fin off medical and health problems. I want to stay strong both mentally and physically especially if I have to combat this virus. When I heard about Angel Eyes Fitness, a non-profit program that helps blind people stay in shape, I added that to my repertoire.  For April and May the class meets via Zoom videoconferencing each Saturday for an hour. We do a combination of aerobic type exercises. I am really loving the change in my routine plus the connection to others in my community. It has been a long time since I have been in an exercise class and I enjoy the camaraderie and working with an instructor.

So, what do you do to stay fit and active? What game plan have you created to exercise at home during this pandemic? Share your exercise regimen in the comment section below and let’s inspire each other to stay fit.

5 thoughts on “Celebrating National Fitness Day by Exercising at Home

  1. Hi Empish,
    Your home gym sounds terrific! I walk with my brother, and when I am focused, I run at least three times a week. I used to do the treadmill every day for about an hour at the gym. But since Covid-19 began I haven’t replaced that. It’s been cold outside here. My brother and I walked on the sidewalks around Presque Isle Peninsula in Erie on Thursday. Now that the weather is warming up, I would like to walk twice a day or run once a day. I don’t lift weights or use an exercise bike either. I guess I just walk. I’ve been thinking of setting aside money for a used treadmill. We could put it in our basement. Thanks for an interesting topic.


    1. Yeah, if you wanted to get used exercise equipment a good place to shop is Play It Again Sports. That is where I got my bike; and I got a great deal on it too.


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