Writing Testimonials

Outlook Business Solutions

“Empish routinely writes for Outlook Business Solutions. Her work includes blog posts and stories demonstrating fundraising outcomes for our clients. Whether it is a conversational blog piece or fundraising message, Empish delivers her work on time and with great attention to detail. She digs deep to understand the project as well as any individual or program she writes about.”

Rachel Carver

RACHEL CARVER, APR, Sr. Specialist   Public Relations

VisionAware/American Printing House for the Blind

“Empish has been a VisionAware peer advisor since the inception of the group in 2014. She writes for the ‘VisionAware Now What Blog’ and over the years has contributed excellent informed and up-to-date posts about a myriad of aspects about living with vision loss. She is an avid self-advocate and always volunteers to write posts about subjects such as voting, audio-described movies, and other accessibility topics. But she also writes fun and informative posts about various aspects of cooking, wall climbing, exercise, and volunteering.

Empish’s posts are always timely and well-researched. She works well with our VisionAware peer team and contributes great ideas on our monthly calls.

In sum, VisionAware readers are in for a treat and very informative experience when they read one of Empish’s blog posts!”

Pris Rogers

Pris Rogers, VisionAware co-lead

Center for the Visually Impaired

“I had the pleasure of working with Empish during our time together at the nonprofit Center for the Visually Impaired (CVI). She was the content writer and editor of the SightSeeing blog as well as the primary contributing writer for the quarterly CVI newsletter. As an accomplished writer, Empish’s contribution to our client and donor facing collateral was invaluable. She has an ability to write and convey thoughts from a wide range of perspectives which always made her content both intriguing and relatable. As a result, she contributed to making CVI a recognized and trusted source of information for the visually impaired community locally, regionally, and nationally. Her writing talent is complemented by her creative acumen, worldliness, and mastery of storytelling.”

Rukiya Campbell

Rukiya Campbell, APR, Director of Health Communications at Alliant Health Solutions, Inc.

Dialogue Magazine

“Empish J. Thomas is the kind of curious, creative journalist who can help keep a publication clicking along like a sports car on the open road. That was certainly my experience when I was a magazine editor looking for someone who could dependably conduct a regular column on a significant topic and make it fresh and interesting enough to keep my readers always eagerly coming back for more.

Her column profiled the careers of people with visual impairments so that blind and low vision readers could “see” inside the job; learn the worker’s experiences and motivations to discover what it would take to prepare for and succeed in that line of work. Not an easy topic to bring to life. It requires a mixture of carefully researched facts and personality glimpses so that the readers end up feeling they have met a real person attached to an approachable–even if challenging–career.

More than that, she always offered three things any editor would love: She was always planning for the next interviewee–the next job to profile. She always communicated. The editor always knew well in advance what would be coming and when. And she could always be relied on to take on assignments and deliver what was needed.

In short, I found Empish Thomas to be a perceptive voice and a team player on the publication I edited for nine years. If I were not a retired editor, I would be inviting her to bring her bright and animated journalistic contributions to whatever enterprise I had going.”

 Bradley Kimbrough

Bradley Kimbrough, Former/Retired  Editor of Dialogue Magazine

Disability Resource Group

“Ms. Thomas has written several articles for our newsletter. She is thorough and always focused on her exploration of the issue. She knows the resources in the community and has excellent contacts. Ms. Thomas always has good ideas for topics. We hope to continue using her writing skills.”

Nancy Duncan, Retired Executive Director of Disability Resource Group.

On Common Ground News

“    I thoroughly enjoyed working with Empish. She has a passion for writing and a desire to produce excellent work. She is filled with ideas for news stories and she always meets deadline.”

Valerie J. Morgan, Editor of On Common Ground News.

National Federation of the Blind-Georgia Affiliate

“Ms. Empish Thomas is more than an excellent writer.  As an organization of blind persons, we sometimes are reluctant to use mainstream media as an avenue to educate, out of fear that we will continue to be portrayed as either poor pitiful individuals, or miraculous superhuman beings, and not as normal vital members of society.  Our need to convey a message that empowers people with an understanding of the true normality of blind people requires an ability beyond good writing.  It requires an ability to actively listen, pose relevant questions, and digest complex information, then convey the facts in an interesting fashion that educates without sensationalism and editorializing.  Therefore, I have relied on Ms. Thomas and her wonderful interpersonal skills and writing ability.  Ms. Empish Thomas is more than an excellent writer.”

Anil Lewis

Anil Lewis, Former President national Federation of the Blind of Georgia