About Me

Why I Write  and Launched This Site

Empish holds the anthology titled “Strengths, Courage and Inspiration During the coronavirus.”

Ever since I was a small child I have always been intrigued by the written word. Checking out children’s books at my local library to reading the newspaper out loud to my parents, words have always moved and compelled me.

Now, fast forward to my adult life. I had a journalism degree with a promising  career. But six months after graduation I developed severe headaches and sensitivity to light prompting me to go see an eye doctor for the first time in my life. I was diagnosed with Uveitis in its most aggressive form and within a few years I was totally blind.

A closeup of various newspaper headlines

Despite this diagnosis my love for the written word did not diminish. I had noticed the negative and sometimes incorrect portrayal of the disabled in the news media. I wanted to be proactive in changing that image. Language is powerful and that people with disabilities must tell their own story.

The Lion and Giraffe

A lion head with a huge shaggy mane

This is why I love the Nigerian proverb “Don’t let the lion tell the giraffe’s story,” because it speaks to my career as a journalist and disability advocate. As we know, the lion is the king of the jungle and rules the animal kingdom. His voice is heard the strongest and the loudest the majority of the time.

A giraffe with an extended long neck

But there are also other animals too. Ones like the giraffe that have a voice and a story to tell. Their voices are just as important. Just as powerful. Just as valuable. As you review  and read my work my goal is to give the giraffe that voice.

Topics  That Spark Joy

As a freelance writer and blogger, I use this site to talk about my life as a disabled person. Like Marie Kondo, you will find blog posts on the things that spark joy. I love reading audiobooks and watching audio described movies. I also love talking about accessibility  and how  it impacts my life. I include my daily routine. You know those mundane things we all do like grocery shopping, exercising, paying bills, voting  and anything else I find interesting.

Empish grocery shopping wearing a facemask

Here is a sampling of my posts:

  1. Working From Home Has Been My New Normal
  2. It’s a White Cane Not a Stick
  3. Lessons Learned From a Frog: How an Amphibian Improved My Life
  4. Blind Woman Dives Horses in Wild West Show
  5. My Treadmill is Used for Walking Not a Clothes Hanger
  6. My Laundry isn’t Smart But I Am  
  7. Growing  a Writing Green Thumb:  6 Ways Spring Can Nurture Your Craft
  8. Can the Disabled Quietly Quit? No,  and Here’s Why

Let Me Write for You

Young Black man sitting on bench in front of a building writing in a notebook

Now that  you know a little about me, are you looking for a freelance writer? One who can write a captivating story. ONE WITH excellent writing  and organizational skills. One who understands the importance of deadlines. Let’s chat. Shoot me an email from my Contact page and let’s discuss how I can meet your writing needs.