Why I Write

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Ever since I was a small child I have always been intrigued by the written word. Checking out children’s books at my local library to reading the newspaper out loud to my parents, words have always moved and compelled me.

Now, fast forward to my adult life, with a journalism degree and a disability, I had noticed the negative and sometimes incorrect portrayal of the disabled in the news media. I wanted to be proactive in changing that image. I believe that language is powerful and that people with disabilities must tell their own story.

The Lion and the Giraffe

Picture of a Lion
 Picture of Giraffe





This is why I love the Nigerian proverb “Don’t let the lion tell the giraffe’s story,” because it speaks to my career as a journalist and disability advocate. As we know, the lion is the king of the jungle and rules the animal kingdom. His voice is heard the strongest and the loudest the majority of the time.

But there are also other animals too. Ones like the giraffe that have a voice and a story to tell. Their voices are just as important. Just as powerful. Just as valuable.  As you review my Career Profile and read and subscribe to the Triple E blog my goal is to give the giraffe that voice.

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