Netflix Says Goodbye to DVDs and I Did Too

A hand is inserting a DVD into the player.

On April 21 Netflix announced they were stopping their DVD subscription plan. The change will take place in September. I wasn’t surprised. As a matter of fact I have already  stopped my DVD subscription. I did it back in February. Why? Because I already saw the writing on the wall.

Noticed Decrease in DVD Movies

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Last year I began to notice that  movies I placed in my cue were going more often to save. Meaning the DVD wasn’t available and I would have to wait. Well, that  typically was not a major problem in the past. But  the wait was becoming longer and longer and sometimes the DVD was not available after all. Perhaps this was due to the pandemic and movie theaters shutting down. Or maybe due to the increase in additional streaming services.

Noticed Decrease in Audio Described Movies

Next, I noticed more and more movies weren’t available in audio description. As a blind person I rely on audio description to give me verbal details about the movie. It provides info on facial expressions, body language, wardrobe, race or skin tone. Audio description also explains the action in the movie  and reads scene subtitles.

Empish watching TV. She is sitting on sofa pointing remote control at TV.

Initially, Netflix was one of the better choices  for audio described DVDs. Other options required  purchase  only or were free but too limited. Over the years, they continued  to increase their offerings of audio described content. They would actually label the movies on the DVD site  so you knew in advance whether the movie was accessible or not. This was a great benefit to the blind community. They continued this commitment  when streaming was offered too. Now, when I go to the Netflix app and search for a movie the audio description label is right at the top near the film’s name.

Remembered When I Signed Up

I remember when I first signed up for Netflix DVDs. A guy I was dating at the time suggested it because it was such a great deal. We got the monthly DVD subscription of unlimited movies  for under ten bucks. That meant we  could literally  have date night multiple times a month on the cheap, which worked great for the both of us. The movies came quickly in the mail enclosed in a red paper returnable envelope. The turnaround time  was also fast with a   day or two. My relationship with the guy didn’t last but my Netflix subscription sure did!

Row of about 8 residential style mailboxes

Now, unlike Blockbuster and Redbox, I didn’t have to leave home. Since my transportation is limited that was  an excellent perk. I would just go to the Netflix website and place a bunch of movies in my cue. Then sit back and wait for them to arrive. They would come one at a time and  as long as I return the previous one I would continue to get movies. This was a set up you couldn’t beat with a stick.

Added Streaming to Plan

When Netflix launched its streaming service I stayed a loyal customer. I just bundled my plan  getting both options  for under twenty bucks a month. I did this because many old and classic movies were not available on streaming. Even documentaries, which I absolutely love, were only available on DVD. Plus if I wanted to  watch  a particular actor  or genre I could easily rent all of them hassle free. I did this a couple of times, watching all the Sidney Poitier, Rocky and blaxploitation films. What a treat!

Sometimes the audio description was on DVD but not the streaming option. Newly released movies were usually  on DVD sooner than streaming. So, having both plans worked perfectly for me.

Time to Say Goodbye

Yet today streaming is in and DVDs are out. Times are a changing. And I realized I got to change with it.

So, I have said goodbye toDVDs. It has been a good run.

Are you a Netflix DVD subscriber? If so, what’s your plan  when it stops? Were you surprised by the announcement?

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